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Discover West Seattle's

Sensory Preschool

Understanding and supporting the individual needs of the development of your child through sensory exploration and emotional regulation.

Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

  • A Pre-K program specifically created for the development of self-regulation, social-emotional skills, sensory processing and regulation abilities, and kindergarten readiness!

  • Currently accepting children ages 4yrs to 5yrs of age

  • Teacher to Child Ratio of 10:2

    • Our teachers are preschool and elementary education trained! Also supported by Occupational Therapists and other developmental specialists!

  • Use of research-based curriculum including Second Step, Zoophonics, Zones of Regulation, emotional regulation and motor development, and community resources!  

  • ​Accepting registration inquiries for our 2023-24 Class

    • Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am-12:15 pm

    • Located: 7141 California Ave SW- near the Morgan Junction of West Seattle


Is our program a good fit?

Our class is perfect for your child if they:

  • love to move or need to grow their confidence in movement

  • are working to understand and mange their emotions

  • learning to stretch their attention or flexibility in daily routines

  • love to explore and learn and benefit from curated support in all areas of development including sensory, social skills, and emotional regulation and friendship skills

  • benefit from individualized attention and small classes sizes


Sounds Great?!

Click here to fill out our interest form! 

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