What is Sensory?


The processing, organizing and responding to information the brain receives from the environment

Sensory is how we process the sound we hear, the way our bodies feel in our clothes, knowing when we are hungry, or when we are moving and running. It's how we interact with others and our emotional awareness, our connection with family and friends, and how we process it.

Development happens because of sensory processing, and we base our teaching on developing the whole child to prepare them for the world ahead!

A Developmental Approach

Focus on Sensory, Social Emotional, Motor, Attention - Skills for School and Life

Meeting your Child At Their Level

Designed to facilitate the best of all your child's skills through social emotional development, motor and play skills, and preparing them for the world ahead.

Supportive Team

Created by an Occupational Therapist, and supported by parents like you- We provide a preschool program designed to develop all areas of learning

Kindergarten Readiness

Preparing your child to enter kindergarten at a level that matches their actual abilities as well as balancing the expectations and rigors of school. 

Click here for a list of kindergarten readiness skills

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